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Gold Rush Coffee Co. - Eureka, CA

Gold Rush Coffee Co. Mission

Gold Rush Coffee focuses on hand selected beans from small farms around the globe. This ensures premium quality for a top-down approach. From small batch roasting and blending practices, to the perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Our Story

Starting out over thirty-five years ago in a converted barn in Petrolia, California- Gold Rush Coffee sought out to be the first organic roaster in Humboldt County. Gold Rush Coffee, from the very beginning, has always been rooted in the value of what it means to be family.


Founders Joe and Karen Paff, took their passion for coffee and built the very foundation of their family around coffee beans. The Paff’s wanted the farms they worked with to mimic their values. Their mission was to seek out premium coffees from around the world, particularly those that came from small farms and focused on sustainable eco-logical growing practices.

Gold Rush Coffee cups samples prior to purchasing coffee green beans, this allows for a small batch approach to their operation, and ensures a quality product from start to finish. We specialize in USDA and CCOF Organic certified coffees that are imported from around the world. Each week Gold Rush Coffee roasts to order, this is because we value freshness and seek to cut down over production, which generates waste.

In December of 2021, Gold Rush Coffee was bought by Michael and Tashina Benson, a local family of Humboldt County. Owners Michael and Tashina Benson, took on this venture not only because of their love for Gold Rush Coffee but because Gold Rush Coffee is a cornerstone in Humboldt’s community that they want to see flourish.

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